Boulder Volleyball

If you wanted a soft serve You should have gone to Dairy Queen

Saturday Grass Volleyball

Saturday 10/24 3:00pm Martin park --- GAME ON! --- This is looking like some strong games. Probably more competitive than usual. I'm planning on wearing shoes, jeans, and a turtleneck (and maybe a ski hat).

Sunday Grass Volleyball

Sunday 10/18 3:00pm Martin park --- GAME ON! --- I'm gambling that the day is going to warm up and the sun is going to come out. TN BTW, I'm planning on wearing shoes, jeans, and a turtleneck (and maybe a ski hat).

Monday Sand Volleyball

Monday 10/19 East Boulder Rec Center 5:00pm These games are usually competitive

Tuesday Sand Volleyball

Tuesday 10/20 These games are less competitive and more recreational. Everybody welcome.

Ball Aerospace Refugees

Well, it happened again Wednesday night. Another run in with one of the players that used to play at Ball Aerospace. Ball Aerospace previously was the preferred venue for the top players in the area. But now they've closed their courts and those players are, for the first time, now playing at East. And I find many of these players to be elitist, selfish, and inconsiderate. They're ruining what used to be an open and inclusive environment. More on this coming soon.

Beyond the Dragonhead (by Kelly and Alyn)

Hey, two of our gang just published a YA book. It's a work of historical fiction concerning the Vikings and their travels with an interesting twist. I'm told by the authors that they put in a good deal of research and that the details are historically accurate. It's next on my reading list. Well done, my friends! Beyond the Dragonhead by Kelly Nichols and Alyn Rockwood

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