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I'm Tom Noland. I've been promoting the sport of volleyball in Boulder for the last 20 years. I love volleyball. It's a wonderful sport. Men can play with women. Young can play with old. In the summer you can play in the sun. In the winter you can play indoors. In particular, it's a great sport for older athletes.

In early October I received an email from Matt Pilger (here). In that email, he implies that our group is a bunch of troublemakers. We are not. We have been as cooperative as possible.

Shortly after that, I began to work on this website.

The problem is, we have no voice, no authority. So rec management can treat us as poorly as they like, knowing that we have no recourse. They have little or no interest in promoting volleyball or senior sports and fitness. They clearly have no interest in honest collaboration. They're only willing to deal with us as supplicants, dependent upon their whims.

Main issues:

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